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No Internet Connection



  • Eduardo Marquez


    I do not have internet connection.  I did the steps above.

    How can I get my service back?

  • Jay Bomze

    We have been down since 7:30 this morning. It was working then not. If someone would answer or call back…. Its almost like they ghosted

  • Jeffrey Mace

    I have been without internet since 730 to 8 am this morning!! What is going on!! We pay a lot of money not to have service!

  • Patricia Blackshear

    I’ve had no internet service all day and no one has responded to my email I sent at 8:30 am. Any help?

  • Melissa Garrett

    My service has been down all day. I pay too much money for this to be happening. When will it be back on?

  • Samantha Kenney

    Same here! Out all day. Just says broadband disconnected. Hope this is fixed soon or I will have to find another internet provider.

  • Tammy Bell

    Our service is down. No one to talk to, very frustrating. We’ve had great service for the last 6 mos. Must be something with infrastructure.

  • Kelley Harville

    This is ridiculous. Fix the problem! Last time it was a “clerical issue”. We have been down all day.

  • Wesley Dearmond

    I had the same issue a week ago... I can’t stand to pay $140 a month for Internet that doesn’t work. I’ve always appreciated KP’s customer service. But it has been a week for me and no response.
    I’m TRYING to cancel my service with them and have happily moved to HallsNet

  • Jay Bomze

    Same H/W?

  • Shelly Cox

    I have never had a problem with my service for over a year now. I hope this is fixed ASAP.


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